The Recovery Blade

Small Recovery Blade
Large Recovery Blade

With the ever increasing cost of fishing lures, the Recovery Blade was developed to help keep those lures from being lost forever, and can pay for itself in retrieving as few as 1 or 2 lures. Designed to retrieve lures with multiple single hooks or 1 or more treble hooks when fishing from a boat, where you can position yourself above the lure. This retriever may or may not work on lures with weedless hooks.

Available in 2 sizes... Small Recovery Blade for lures less than one ounce and Large Recovery Blade for lures more than one ounce.

  • Blade is constructed from 1/8" thick steel
  • Blade length: 3" Small - 4 1/2" Large
  • Blade width: 1"
  • 2 chains, 2 quick links and 2 spring links included
  • Chain length (each): 5 1/2" Small - 11" Large
  • All hardware is constructed from zinc coated steel
  • Full product length: 10 1/4" Small - 15 3/4" Large
  • Full product weight: 4 ounces Small - 8 ounces Large
  • Rope not included
  • Made in USA
  • 12 month warranty against manufacturer defects
Recovery Blade Available in 2 Sizes

For best results, use a good quality non-stretch rope at least 3/16" to 1/4" in diameter, and an appropriate length for the depth of the waters you are fishing. When tying the rope to the Recovery Blade, first remove the top quick link, tie one end of your rope to it (we recommend using a Palomar Knot), then re-attach the quick link to the Recovery Blade. After using your Recovery Blade, wipe or air dry completely to avoid rust. DO NOT put the Recovery Blade away wet.

To retrieve a snagged lure, position yourself as close to above lure as possible. With the Recovery Blade tied securely to a rope, clip both of the Spring Links to the fishing line, and slowly lower the Recovery Blade down to the lure with the rope. Once the Recovery Blade has reached the lure, raise and lower it slowly, working it around the line until one of the chains snag a hook, and once that happens, pull up slowly to free the lure or straighten the snagged hook. Straighten or replace the snagged hook(s), and continue fishing.

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